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Valhalla Provincial Park, Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, West Arm Provincial Park, Goat Range Conservancy, and Purcell Wilderness Conservancy provide pristine wilderness and habitat for an extraordinary variety of plants and animals.

The inflow and outflow areas of the lakes form swamp and marsh landscapes. In the valleys, beavers, the largest builders in the animal kingdom, create floodplain and river landscapes with ideal living conditions for many other animal species. Extensive forest areas stretch along the mountain slopes and merge into subalpine and alpine mountain regions.

With cedar and fir trees over 1,000 years old, the Interior Rainforest of BC is unique on earth. Just 150 years ago it covered all the valleys. Unfortunately, most of these 60 m high and 3-4 m thick trees fell victim to the chainsaw. But in protected parks and sometimes in the middle of the wilderness, you can still meet these jungle giants with awe. We have erected a memorial to the stump of an old cedar on our property with the troll house.

For many of our guests, encounters with wild animals are a highlight of their stay. Hikers often see mountain sheep, white-tailed and wapiti deer, moose, mountain goats, black bears, and even grizzlies. It is not uncommon to watch deer, moose, and black bears from the car.