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With its side arms and a remote beaver island Slocan River forms a unique water landscape just at our back door.

Our large treed property owns 200m water front with our own beautiful swimming places with crystal clear water. Nearby Lemon Creek flows into Slocan River and feeds it with fresh cold waters directly from Kokanee Glacier Park.

Right here the river system forms a unique water biotope with slow flowing river side arms and an island with a mystic small lake. Beavers call it home. With their dams they constantly build a landscape which hosts numerous water fowl, reptiles, amphibians and insects and also provides spawning grounds for many fish species.

Whitetail deer walk along our property without being shy of humans. Ducks, geese and kingfishers raise their offspring near the river. At daytime you hear wood peckers working in our trees and at night the call of an owl. Ospreys and bald eagles circle high in the sky and colorful hummingbirds visit our flower gardens and the feeders we hang out for them. And with some good luck, you can watch beavers at dawn in the river and it happens – although very rare – that a black bear travels through.

Slocan Valley Rail Trail borders our property at its other side. It is a former railroad, which parallels Slocan River 50km with no grade though out the whole valley. Today it offers wonderful opportunities for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, and in winter it is groomed for cross country skiing in the midst of nature.
Along the river are nice sandy beaches.

Bird watchers will be fully rewarded. Slocan River provides breeding grounds for numerous water birds. Every fall over 60 white Trumpeter and Tundra swans with their young show up to spend winter here in company with many duck species, Canada geese and grey herons.

Our guests will find their personal favorite spot in the midst of nature. Here you can listen to the silence and the sounds around you, let the mind wander, relax, watch out for the small and big things and forget every day life.


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