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If you don't find an answer here, please ask us all your questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question; there are only insufficient answers.

Travel by car:
How long does it take to drive by car to Haus Lemon Creek and Haus Beaver Castle?

Guests from Europe fly into Vancouver or Calgary. To drive to here by car please reserve a whole travel day with approximately 10 hours driving time. It is possible to fly into Calgary, get the rental car there and return it in Vancouver or vice versa. The car rental company will charge a drop-off fee. But this option gives you the opportunity to cross BC from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific.

Rental car:
Which car type would you recommend?

If you want to discover the mountain world and drive on logging roads you should rent a 4x4 vehicle because of its higher clearance. Otherwise any other car will do the job. In Canada rental cars usually are quipped with automatic transmission. If you want to rent a manual transmitted car you have to order it. Our recommendation: Some credit cards cover the auto insurance if you use them for paying.

Shopping and Groceries:
Does it have super markets nearby?

Small super markets with a basic offer are in Slocan and Winlaw in 8 res. 10km distance, there is also a baker selling bread, cakes and pizza. Large super markets are in Nelson and Castlegar (62km or 45 minutes driving time). There one finds also alternative grocery stores with large selections which leave no wishes open. During summer time there are many regular markets in the area where local farmers and gardeners sell their fresh products. Our guest houses are equipped with large fridges with freezer compartments. So you can store groceries for a few days without any problem. Our recommendation: Buy the basics of your groceries on your way to us.

Does it have Restaurants nearby?

Yes there is an excellent restaurant within walking distance from our property in Lemon Creek. Also in Winlaw, Slocan and a little further in the Slocan Valley unique local restaurants invite guests with a great variety of foods. Prices for a complete dinner are in the Can$15 to Can$ 20 range. Alcohol is quite expensive. Some restaurants offer alcohol only in combination with a meal. Smoking in restaurants is prohibited. Our recommendation: In our rural area people go out for dinner quite early. Some restaurants close their kitchen around 8pm.

Telephone and Internet:
Can I use my cell phone and is there internet access?

Your cell phone will work in many places, for instance in Nelson, but not in the Slocan Valley. Our recommendation: Purchase a telephone card. You get good rates and can use it with any public or private telephone. We have wireless internet connection you can use it with your laptop. Many cafés and restaurants offer free internet access. In Slocan is a computer center which is open for public use.

Bank and Money:
Can I pay with my credit card/bank card and where are bank machines?

Credit cards are common and accepted almost everywhere. But sorry, we do not take credit cards. You can get money with VISA-, Master- and bank card at many locations. Visitors from Europe can also use their Eurocard to withdraw money from cash machines. Traveller cheques are quite uncommon these days. Visitors from Europe must know that it can be quite difficult to exchange Euros into Dollars except great banks in Vancouver and Calgary.

Physicians and Pharmacies:
What can I do if I get sick?

There are physicians and pharmacies in Nelson. Walk-In-Clinics offer their service without appointment 7 days. The next hospital is in Nelson with a 24 hour emergency. Our recommendation: Foreign visitors should purchase medical travel insurance.

Mosquitoes and Biting Insects:
Is there a problem with mosquitoes and if so, what can one do?

Every year is different. We experience years with no bug problem at all, in other years they can be a bit bothering. People are also different in their bug tolerance. There are many ways to protect yourself. All windows in Haus Lemon Creek and Haus Beaver Castle do have mosquito screens. There is also a great variety of repellents available which help to prevent being bitten as well as ease afterwards. Repellents which contain the substance “Deet” are highly effective. They are – carefully used – the best choice and hikers should bring them along on their trips into the mountains.
Mosquitoes are not active in the heat of the day, they prefer shady places and time after sunset. Protection also offers appropriate clothing such as jeans and a long sleeved shirt.
Our recommendation: Horror stories about mosquitoes should not prevent you from your Canada trip. At times and in special places like regions in the Yukon and Alaska they can be a problem, but not here.

Do I have to be scared of bears?

For most visitors the sighting of a bear is the unforgettable highlight of their vacation. Bear encounters usually are very rare and not dangerous. Besides, you have that the Kootenays are “bear country”. Never forget, bears are wild animals and one needs to behave accordingly.
Never approach a bear, the animal could feel harassed especially if it’s a mother bear with a cub. It is also totally wrong, to panic and run away from the bear. This awakes automatically the hunting instinct of a predator. Our recommendation: Keep cool in every situation and calmly move away from the bear but with watching it.
Please not for our guest houses: Never store garbage and groceries outside of the house.

Guest Houses:
Are there house rules to respect?

Yes, we kindly ask our guests not to smoke inside the house and to put off outside shoes. Please bring house shoes along.
Also we live in close neighborhood with nature and try to reduce our human impact to the necessary minimum. Therefore we ask our guests to save all natural resources as much as possible.