Elisabeth von Ah
Michael Mardner



Dedicated photographers find countless beautiful photo motives during all seasons.

May it be at breakfast on the deck, along walks on our property, while discovering the beaver island, bicycling on rail trail, on trips into the area, and during outdoor activities, your photo camera should always accompany you.

Unexpectedly one can meet wild animals sometimes very close like this little fawn. It was born on our property and stayed with its mother for days quite near.

Even out of the car one can watch wild animals quite frequently. In early summer black bears move down from the mountains into the valleys to feed on fresh green herbs along the highways. Mountain sheep regularly can be seen while licking remaining salt from the winter spread on the asphalt of the highways.

Photographers who still prefer analog photography and slide films should bring these with them from Europe. They are quite expensive in Canada and difficult to get. For animal shots a 3-pod is quite useful.

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Bald Eagle on his Lookout
by the River


1 Day old Fawn on our Property


Paraglider at Buchanan Lookout near Kaslo


Street Impression in Nelson


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail