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Former railroads invite to magnificent bicycle trips where you often meet remains of the pioneer days.

All over Canada abundant railroad are transformed into hiking and bicycling trails. The well known Trans Canada Trail crosses the huge country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

During pioneer days trains could only manage grades of maximum 2-3°,therefore rail trails are ideal for bicycling.
Slocan Valley Rail Trail is right at the back door of Haus Lemon Creek and Haus Beaver Castle.

Galena Trail and Summit Lake Trail are quite close. All trails run along lakes and rivers, through old and young forest, they cross canyons far away from highways and offer safe bicycling in the midst of the most spectacular nature.

During pioneer times railroads were built in no time to reach the mines and the new mining settlements. Old photographs tell about the tremendous difficulties the builders faced around 100 years ago. Above all, workers especially the ones recruited from China made a big contribution to the railroads of BC. Many paid for it with their lives.

On many places left and right of the trail remains of the old days still can be seen. Old mining cabins, generator stations, ore crushers, ghost towns and rail sleepers with rails and nails remind of days long bygone. The picture of the landscape has changed a lot. The small saplings which grew next to the railroads in these days now are 100 years old.

Canada is the land of huge distances. Many visitors enjoy the adventure bicycling the country on roads and highways. Good preparation and good equipment are essential.


Payne Bluffs früher


For Haus Lemon Creek and Haus Beaver Castle guests bicycles are free at their convenience.


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Bicycling in the Midst of Nature
near Summit Lake


Summit Lake Rail Trail


Cable Car Crossing over Enterprise Creek
on Galena Trail


Payne Bluffs heute


Land of the Huge Distances