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Michael Mardner



Valley View Golf Club is in only 5 km from Haus Lemon Creek and Haus Beaver Castle.

Ambitious golfers find 17 interesting golf courses in the West Kootenays. Located on extremely beautiful places in the valleys, next to lake shore, along river banks, and up to hillside areas they combine sportive challenge with high recreational value.

Like everywhere in the Kootenays there are never crowds of visitors, so you can execute your sport unhurriedly and without any stress.

Many golf courses are within the range of easy day trips from Haus Lemon Creek and Haus Beaver Castle. Golfers find a great variety of places to perform their sport, also in combination with other activities. The number of 9 and 18 holes courses offer everything from natural rural setting to luxurious ambience. All golf clubs feature restaurants, equipment sale and rental as well as qualified instructors. Many are equipped with golf charts.

As distances are not too big in the West Kootenays, the dedicated golfer can play several courses on one day. Not to forget to enjoy happy hour or a culinary dinner on the deck of one of the scenic restaurants afterwards.



Granite Point Nelson


Valley View Golf Course


Granite Point Golf Club Nelson


18 Hole Course Granite Point Nelson


Late Afternoon on the Deck
of New Denver Golf Club
with View over Slocan Lake