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Hikers find a multitude of incredible hiking trails nearby. Day hikes up to demanding week trips offer an unforgettable experience of nature.

Hikers will not be disappointed. There are wonderful trails in the valley which are open year round. Hiking trails up into the mountains usually are open by the end of June into the end of September.

Trails vary from easy to strenuous condition. Idaho Peak and Buchanan Lookout are accessible by car up into altitudes above 2000m. They invite less fit hikers to go on a nice and easy but nevertheless spectacular walk.

People who like it more active can chose between many well maintained trails with beautiful destinations for day hikes.
Ambitious and experienced hikers with appropriate equipment find no limits at all.

They can access lots of information about many well described routes. Local mountaineers and outdoor clubs are pleased to share their knowledge about the area with visitors.

In Haus Lemon Creek and Haus Beaver Castle information material in form of hiking books, tour descriptions, topographical maps and back country road maps is on hand. Your hosts like to hike themselves and are happy to support you with all their personal tips and help.

Experienced guides are on hand to accompany guests on their tours.


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A Bright Moon Night Below Gimli Peak


Valhalla Lake


You Can Drive Up by Car:
Buchanan Lookout at Kootenay Lake


Alps Alturas


On Top of Mount Asgard


Back Country Camping in Mulvey Basin
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