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Spectacular mountain ranges with snow fields and alpine flower meadows, crystal clear lakes and rivers, endless forests, and romantic valleys paint the image of the landscape.

The snow covered ranges of the Selkirk, Monashee, Purcell and Rocky Mountains run from north to south. They are the headwaters of the many creeks and mountain ponds, which feed the alpine lakes and flower meadows with their crystal clear water before they run down into the endless forests and the green valleys with their elongated lakes.

Time seems to have come to a stand still in romantic valleys like the Slocan Valley. Small, ecological oriented and family operated farms use the grass land along the rivers as pasture for cattle, sheep, and goats and for organic gardening. Contemplative small communities originated in the pioneer days have kept their character until now.

Local people love the natural beauty of the region and try with all their efforts to keep it that way. Their many outdoor activities and the discovery on nature are an important part of their life and it’s their pleasure to share these values with the visitors.

Spectacular preserved areas like Valhalla, Kokanee, West Arm and Goat Range Provincial Park plus Purcell Wilderness Conservancy offer unspoiled wilderness and living space for an extraordinary variety of fauna and flora species. In these areas far away from human settlements lucky hikers can spot mountain goats, grizzly bears and mountain caribou.

In 2008/2009 our guests from Germany financially supported local environmental groups to purchase the Valhalla Mile, a private property for sale at the west bank of Slocan Lake to become part of Valhalla Park.

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Mulvey Basin Valhalla Park


Slocan River


Valhalla Mile
on the Western Side of Slocan Lake