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Lakes and Rivers invite to dream like canoe and kayak trips.

To discover the landscape from the water is a different experience. Slocan Lake begins in only 8km from Haus Lemon Creek and Haus Beaver Castle. The lake is 40km long and about 300m deep. Slocan, Silverton, New Denver, and Rosebery are the only small communities along its east shore. The west shore is - except a few only in summer inhabited private properties - not populated. The longest stretch is part of Valhalla Provincial Park.

A canoe or kayak brings you along the wonderful moss covered rocky shore line to remote sandy beaches. Giant waterfalls often are found where creeks flow into the lake. Beautiful wilderness campgrounds have been established at the most stunning spots. Some hiking trails start here and lead high up into the alpine region of Valhalla Park. Backcountry hikers like to use these campgrounds as base camp for their trips.

First Nations of the region named themselves “Lakes People”. They were closely connected to the waters. At many places they left their pictographic paintings behind on the rocky walls of Slocan Lake shore. The drawings tell stories about their daily life as hunters, fishermen and gatherers 3000 years ago.

Canoeing Slocan Lake is safe for inexperienced boaters on a calm day. However, everybody should check weather conditions before going on a trip. Even on warm and sunny summer days there is a possibility that heavy winds can easily emerge in the narrow Slocan Valley with its steep slopes. Canoeists and kayakers should not underestimate the challenges they can cause.

It is fun to undertake a canoe trip on Slocan River if you have sosme experience to steer a boat. Naturally and wild the river meanders through Slocan Valley from Slocan until it reaches Kootenay West Arm.

Every year the river changes its bed. It splits into several new side arms, and forms islands. Driftwood can pile up to dangerous and unconquerable log jams and rapids at the confluence of the wild creeks easily have to be mastered.

Canoe and kayak rental is available nearby, wild water courses and instruction are offered. Experienced guides are on hand to take guests out. A charter business to take people on motor canoe trips on Slocan Lake operates from new Denver.

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Canoe tour on Slocan Lake


Valhalla Park begins
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First Nations Rock Paintings at Slocan Lake


Canoe Trip on Slocan River


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